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Industrial Sector

by ilam stone

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In Your Mind 03:15
Feelin' in your mind What you see all the time Stepping out of line You're free can you find Don't know anyway But you stay anyway Have you got your say Are you what they make Figure what your name Forgive all your shame Learn a broken fame You've gone now you came Don't know anyway But you gotta go 'way Have you got your say Are you what they make
All 04:04
Train Dance 04:34
Invent a new dance to this beat Y! Y! Y! Ya beta! Ya bet! Forward, move forward! Move forward! Y! Y! Ya bet! Yo y-y-y yo! Ya beta move forward! Yo yo! Ya beta move forward! That's that's right. Th th that's rightright. Y! Y! Yo yo yo! Yo, invent a new dance to this beat! Invent a new dance to this beat, yo yo yo yo yo yo! Invent a new dance to this beat Everybody Feel the rhythm Move your music Lift your fingers Everybody Touch the DJ Shake your partner Everybody feel the rhythm Grow an afro Grow an afro Grow an afro to this beat Look at my baby dance! Everybody Lift your fingers Everybody Shake your partner Feel the rhythm Shake your partner Lift your fingers Touch the DJ Shake your partner That's that's right. DJ on fire! DJ on fire! Someone put him out!


I set out to write 20 songs over my summer uni break, from November 2007 to February 2008. I didn't. I wrote 14. So the game went into overtime. And you know what, that was ok. I think I ended up writing better music because I didn't just write deadline to deadline. But the deadlines sure helped in getting something written.

The next step was to throw 12 of the 20 songs away, and add some of the best songs I've written before to make a final collection of songs to make an album. I acknowledge that while it's good to finish songs in the writing process, that drive to finish may leave details unperfected. Some imperfection is good, but other imperfections are not happy things.

I've often felt that I suffered from "writer's block", but now I wonder if that was just "writer's playing Counterstrike too much" or "writer's not focusing on goals and discipline enough." Perhaps I've just had a particularly productive time in my creative life so far, or maybe I've learned a secret of creative productivity. Or maybe I'm just getting more mature and more able to do stuff.

I've followed my nose in this project, creatively. I feel it has been helpful to not have the influence of the artists in the DAW forums -- they are not doing the kind of music that I have in mind, and I'm not sure they really have much to offer. I'll probably let them hear my stuff and let them give feedback, but I feel that a more free-thinking approach has been better.

The songs each have character, personality and a bit of my own humanity. This is a solo album. In quite a big way. It was pretty much just me (see the credits section).


released October 1, 2009

Ilam Stone is Peter Raffensperger

All songs written, recorded and produced by Peter Raffensperger.
Additional vocal contributions on Ezekiel’s Bones by John Raffensperger and Marilyn Raffensperger.
Excellent sampled drums are from Douglas Whates at www.naturalstudio.co.uk.
Some orchestral samples included in this recording from the Vienna Symphonic Library.




ilam stone Massachusetts

ilam stone is Peter Raffensperger is Wizard Peter

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